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pik of robert capa


loyalist soldier shot nd dying

american troops on the shore of normandy D-Day

soviet solder killed by german sniper



dead nazi guard in river

  • Robert Capa was born Andrei Friedmann in Budapest in 1913.
  • When Hitler took over, Andrei Friedmann took off for Paris. There with his Polish fiancée, Gerda Taro, he struggled to get established in the rugged business of free lance journalism.
  • The story of this struggle is recounted in John Hersey’s classic magazine article, “The Man Who Invented Himself.”
  • Robert Capa was somewhat careless as a photographer but was carefully dedicated as a man.
  • On June 6, 1944, an assault barge landed Robert Capa on Omaha Beach. Stumbling ashore under heavy fire, he exposed four rolls of the most famous films in history.
  • He was to see the war through to its bitter end, actually photographing the death of one of the last Americans killed.
  • Capa wanted no more war scenes, but he could not resist covering the birth of Israel in 1949 with Irwin Shaw.
  • With John Steinbeck he went to Russia in 1947, returning with a memorable story for the Ladies’ Home Journal.
  • On May 25, 1954, the career of Robert Capa came to an abrupt end when he stepped on a land mine on an obscure battlefield in Indochina.
  • His funeral was held in the old Quaker meeting house at Purchase, New York. In his memory the Overseas Press Club established the Robert Capa Award “for superlative photography requiring exceptional courage and enterprise abroad.”


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