About Me


My name is Angel Xavier Martinez Morales. I was named after my great grandfather Angel Morales. I was born in the city of Manati. This city is located in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Being born in the island of Puerto Rico has a lot of meaning to me it has a lot of culture behind it. Such as dance, folk, food, just to name a few. I am currently in the Marine Corp. DEP(Delayed Entry Program) program. This is basically a program that every applicant goes into to become mentally and physically prepared for the Marine Corp. that just happens to be my dream. Becoming a Marine would be great because of all the respect and benefits that come with being a Marine. Something surprising about me is that I am really into heavy metal. I believe that is surprising just because of my Spanish decent. I believe other wise I don’t think that music was made for one set group of people. I believe it was made for who ever wants to listen to it. People ask me “why do you like heavy metal you are Spanish”. I find that to be very stereotypical just because I am Spanish doesn’t mean that I only have to like reggae or rap or whatever. I decide to listen to metal.


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