OORAH!! Marine Corp.

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Hand Pics

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best pics of 2009

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this picture is a picture taken with an alternate shutter speed and in my opinion its one of my best picks

this picture was taaken with close up mode i also belive its one of my best picks

this pic was taken with full auto and it is one of my faves cuz it incorporates a whole array of diffent camera modes

moving lights

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moving lights are captured when the shutter speed of the camera is changed to a higher number letting more light into the camera for an extended time.giving the illusion that the lights are draaggin on.

shutter speed

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shutter speed is how fast the lens on a camera opens and closes. shutter speed affect the amount of movement represented in the photo.

fast shutter speed captures a split second. using fast shutter speed makes it seem as if movement was frozen. the pics are taken in fractions of a second.

slow shutter speed (1,2,4,8) show movement happening since the lense opens up for so long.


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low aperture is a blurry background

high aperture is a clear background

aperture is how wide the camera lense opens

7 Basic Shooting Modes

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sport mode

selects a faster shutter speed to capture moving subjects


potrait mode

Designed to produce softly focused backrounds for flattering pictures


landscape mode

Pictures of natural scenery such as lakes and etc..


full auto mode

completely automatic photography the camera analyzes the scene and tries to choose settings that produce the best results


close up

Produces soflty focused backrounds to make the focal point stand out


flash off

Flash is disabled


night portrait

Same as portrait but combines flash with slow shutter speed to produce softer lighting


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Cropping takes the unwanted odjects that came out in your photo and takes them out. In the “Before” pictur there were people in the background that I didnt want. So I cropped the photo and took them out of the photo. I also decide to take out the tree out because I thought it took focus off me.